Author Q&A Part 1

Thank you to all who participated in my Author Q&A, either by sending in questions or by attending and asking them in person. I appreciate all of your support! I think breaking this up into a couple different parts would be beneficial, so let’s start Part 1!

Let’s start with a few questions from Lisa:

  1. What fairy tales did you draw the most inspiration from?
    • Beauty and the Beast was the fairytale that I drew from, but only for a very select reason that affected one character – Lynessa. Her attitude towards wanting to explore more of the world and her deep love of books. Otherwise I drew inspiration from the master himself JRR Tolkien, a man who also was fond of fairytales. The Hobbit was a big inspiration for me in the sense of adventure and going on an epic journey meeting different types of people along the way.
  2. What do you hope is the most important takeaway from you writing?
    • That you can create so much from your imagination, just using your mind. And in doing so you can bring so much joy to yourself and others. The gift of imagination and creativity is important. You can write a book, short story, poem, whatever writing medium you want and make it interesting, fun, and good quality, while keeping it suitable for teenagers.
  3. Have you made chocolate from scratch?
    • Chocolate? I’ve made chocolate products like frosting from scratch before but not chocolate itself. I like to bake a lot and watch my fair share of cooking/baking shows.

Now a few questions from Jessie:

  1. What was the inspiration for Lamel’s character?
    • I actually didn’t have anuthing very concrete for her. I imagined her hair kind of like Bellatrix Lestrange from HP. But beyond that I just thought of a character who isn’t as nice as she appears.
  2. How does Netholin travel between the human towns and elf towns? Is there any magic involved or are they both in the same realm?
    • By his trusty steed Jaeel. The realms exist within the same world so there is no magic necessary. It is a far distance to travel though. Many are afraid of interactions from the different people. The forest is also large and we don’t know what creatures live there.
  3. Are Lynessa’s parents still alive?
    • Yes they are! We will be finding out more about them later on.

Continuing with a few questions from Carolyn:

  1. What do you do to get yourself in the mood to write? Any specific music you listen to, places you go, candle scents, or other things that trigger the want to write?
    • Walking by myself and letting my imagination wander is a big thing for me with this series. There was specific music that I would listen to while I wrote, and only that music could be playing when I wrote. I generally prefer silence when I am reading or writing so it is a limited selection of music that doesn’t distract me. For those that are interested that is Riverdance, and Solas. Occasionally a LOTR sountrack.
  2. Do you set yourself daily writing goals for yourself or do you just go with the flow?
    • I really more go with the flow. When I was writing the rough draft for this first book I would write nearly every day. I was super excited and had a lot of inspiration. I was lucky that I didn’t get a lot of writer’s block! I used to write all the time for fun as a teenager, so for me writing has always been something I viewed as fun, not work. When I write I focus on figuring out a scene. I want to get that whole scene written and once I have that is a good stopping point for me.
  3. Who was your favorite character to write?
    • I don’t have a favorite, but favorites. Lynessa- because I saw myself in her. Netholin- because he was based off a favorite character of mine loosely (that character being more of an inspiration), but with more personality, more emotional, and more in tough with his feelings, making him more relatable. And lastly Malinder- it was just fun writing a total tool because he was so over the top. Definitely not a person I’d ever want to hang out with.

A few questions from the event from Darlene, and Robyn:

  1. What are the humans view on the Elves?
    • The humans are not fans of Elves. There is a lot of back history that makes them much more cautious and view them as untrustworthy. The humans have more of a strong dislike based on the above thoughts they have about them. Some look down on them but not all. The Elves on the other hand are a little more lenient but they are more fearful of the humans. Because of the complex back history they don’t want to interact because they don’t want to get hurt.
  2. Are any characters inspired by real people?
    • Only Lynessa is inspired by a real person. She is based off of me but with a different characteristic of her eyes, I pictured my sister’s for that feature.
  3. What advice do you have for those who want to publish?
    • I would say follow that path, just do it. It will take a while, and it’s a lot of hard work but you will feel rewarded. It’s helpful to know people that are able to help you with different aspects you’re not as comfortable with. We are also a publishing house for those that don’t know. We haven’t done any other people’s work yet but I am sure we can figure that out.

Thank you again everyone! I will do a Part 2 with more of the questions with answers. I hope for now this will suffice. Until next time!


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